Friday, September 26, 2014

Happy weekend:

Happy Friday, everyone! And happy first official weekend of Fall! What are you doing to celebrate the change of seasons? I'm going to be making a fall wreath for the front door this weekend. Or start it, at least. We're also going to be picking up the stuff to make the counter top for our office desk this weekend! And fingers crossed that I will actually get to finish the coat for M that I've been working on for what feels like forever.

This weekend we're making the transition to the crib in the nursery as well. We've been slowly easing into it and M has been napping in there for a while now so it's finally time to make it official. We are anticipating a few sleepless nights while he adjusts. Wish us luck!

Hope your weekend is just as productive. Get out there and enjoy the best season of the year!

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