Friday, October 17, 2014

Happy weekend:

You guys. Can we just talk about this week for a second? Because it was the worst. I know I've probably made that statement before but never did I mean it until now. I can't believe we survived.

Our week included:

1 catastrophic power failure at our house
2 baby gadgets with blown motors that had to be replaced
3 nights of sleeping on an air mattress at my parents' house
4 service calls to get everything back up and running

Seriously, it was no fun. I'm glad it's all over, that the issue has been resolved, and we're all back home safe and sound. Now we just have to clean up the mess we made while trying to figure out what was going on, restock our fridge and freezer, and let things get back to normal. I have big plans this weekend to do absolutely nothing. Just relax and enjoy being home. Hopefully we can get through this weekend without anything else going wrong. Then I need a massage. And a drink.

Have a great weekend, friends.

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