Tuesday, October 7, 2014

While you were sleeping:

I used to spend the free time I had while M slept sleeping too. Now that I've mostly caught up on my lost sleep, I've started using my free time to pursue other creative endeavors. This is the time I have to work on the projects I've been meaning to get to but can never seem to find the time for. So, I'm starting a new series called "While You Were Sleeping" to share the things I make during these small moments of adult time throughout the day.

Up first, this darling little coat I made for M:

For my birthday last year, I was gifted this wonderful little book of patterns for children. I was immediately drawn to a cute little coat and even picked up the fabric for it but with the chaos of moving and having no energy towards the end of my pregnancy, it got put aside. Now that it's getting chillier outside, my mind turned back to this project and I picked it up again.

Since it was so small, it was very easy to do. I laid out the fabric and cut the pattern pieces. I wanted to make it a little thicker so he could wear it all winter, so I cut the pieces from some batting that I had in my stash as well.

Then all that was left was to stitch it together. It took longer than I'd like because somewhere during the move, I misplaced my seam ripper and had to wait while the new one I ordered arrived. And since this was the first time I had attempted sleeves, there was a bit of a learning curve. Once I learned how to ease a sleeve though, it was smooth sailing.

I sewed the wooden toggle buttons on one night while watching a movie with Andrew. And then we tried it on him to see how it fit. It's large (I made a 9 month size) but it is so sweet. I can see myself making this for him again in larger sizes for years. I've added other baby garments to my "to make" list for nap time because clothes are so much more fun to make when they're in miniature.

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Katherine Grant said...

So cute! I'm super impressed!