Monday, October 27, 2014

How about you:

Time for another "How About You". This time? Childhood obsession. This is really fun as I had a ton of really weird ones. Ready?
  1. A very real fear of constant kidnapping. Every where we went, I was convinced someone was just waiting to kidnap me. Apparently, I was a very nervous child.
  2. Trees. Or more specifically, climbing trees. As a child, I wanted to live in a tree and once I actually tried it! (It didn't go well.)
  3. The Victorian Age. Loved the clothes, the the lack of electricity (candles are just more exciting), and the oh so proper manners. I spent waaaaay too many hours dressed up playing prim and proper tea party.
  4. Old graveyards -- deliciously creepy, I found them completely fascinating.
  5. Whitney Houston. Apparently, I had a picture of her above my bed that I would kiss every night, I had a dress that I called my Whitney Houston dress, and I used to sing her songs into the hose of our vacuum cleaner.
How about you? Any fun or weird childhood obsessions?

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