Tuesday, January 6, 2015


It's that time of year again: when we reflect on the year past and focus on our goals for the coming year. Ready? Here we go...

How we did: Done! On May 29th at 2:55 am, our lives changed forever (see here and here).

How we did: Not only did this not happen, it was sort of the opposite. After my c-section, I had such a hard time getting back into exercising. And then I had a hard time finding the time to get out there. And then my running partners sort of dropped away. Just a bad combination of things really led to me taking a hiatus from running. I think I was a little too enthusiastic in my goal. Instead, my goal should have been just to get back out there, period. 

How we did: Done! Finally! This one was such a long time coming, it felt so good to finally see it happen. Read more about it here.

How we did: Okay, so I didn't really actually upholster anything this year. But I did purchase and read a book about it. So, in theory, I feel like I could do it. Does that count?

Okay, see my declarations for 2015 after the jump.

Last year we bought the house and this year, I want to do some things to make it better. At least five. They don't have to be large or expensive projects (although that would be nice), just things to make it feel more like home and help us feel like we are making progress.

This year I plan on ridding my kitchen of any and all plastics. Instead, we will be using glass and stainless steel. 

I need to get in the habit of complimenting people more. Maybe if I make it a goal for this year, I'll be more likely to adopt what is, in my opinion, a good habit to have.

That's it. Three things. If I accomplish more, then great. My life is busy and getting busier so I don't want to make commitments that I can't keep. And I don't need any added stress. I feel like three goals for the year is a very reasonable number.

What are your resolutions? What things would you like to see happen this year? What are your plans?

Happy 2015, everyone!

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