Wednesday, January 7, 2015

While you were sleeping:

As part of our first Christmas in our new home and M's first Christmas ever, we all needed new Christmas stockings. So, I made some, naturally. I picked out fabric (see here) but when it came in, I didn't like the fabric for Andrew's stocking. It was weird and metallic so I went in search of a different option. After scouring the internet and local stores, I picked out a different plaid (actually apparel fabric) and after getting A's stamp of approval, I got to work.

I laid out the fabric and mapped it all out. I borrowed my mom's stocking pattern (all of our family's stockings are made using it) and gathered the rest of my supplies.

I cut pieces out of each coordinating fabric and the batting, which I used to give them a little weight.

I did the same with the cuff, sewed the ends of each side together to make rings, put the right sides of both pieces together, and sewed it up (while drinking tea, as you can see in the photo above). Then all I had to do was turn it right side out and bam, cuffs were done.

Then I basted and sewed together both the outside and the inside. I put the lining inside, added the finished cuff, and sewed around the top. Then I just flipped the cuff over and it was finished.

I brought the finished stockings to a friend to have them embroidered since I don't have a machine that does embroidery. They turned out lovely and were a hit come Christmas morning! I am looking forward to incorporating these into our Christmas traditions and seeing them hang on the mantle for many years to come.

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