Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Arkansas Idol

We are trying to get Tillie to not be scared of the camera anymore. And in doing this, I think we may have gone a little too far. We've been sticking the camera in her face for so long that I think she sees it as a toy now. She tries to bite it whenever she sees it now. She chases it. It's not a habit that we want her to have but it does make for some pretty funny pictures.

So, Kris Allen is the new American Idol. I know his wife from church so it is pretty neat to get to see them go so far. Way to go. Way to put Arkansas on the map.

I was pretty jealous that he got to sing with Queen. It wasn't the same without Freddie Mercury, but still. That would make my life.

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Fru Gal Lew said...

this picture actually kind of scared me. sweet tilbert, que pasa??

there might be a miniature dragon living in my walls...

Miss and love. And sonic,