Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Village Idiot Day

Today was a funny day at work. My boss's car ran out of gas and we tried to push it back and then let it roll forward in neutral to get it started again -- that didn't work. So we went to the gas station next door and got a gallon of gas -- and neither of us could figure out how to open the gas can much less get it in the car. Finally some random guy showed up and helped us. It was hilarious. I'm pretty sure neither one of us stopped laughing the entire time.

The day only got more idiotic as it went on. I dropped half my food at dinner. And then -- oh, and then -- I knocked over my Route 44 Diet Coke and it fell to the floor and busted open. Before I even got to take a sip of it. Tragic, I know.

Then we helped put up more drywall and are finally home to shower and collapse into bed completely exhausted. Well, all except for Tillie -- she has more energy than both of us combined.

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Kat said...

we walked to your house with lola last night, but no one was home. sad.