Wednesday, May 13, 2009

We're making it...

Is this week going by at a snail's pace anywhere else besides 403? Because it seems like it'll be forever before Friday gets here.

Tonight we finally tried Press 1 Pizza (thank for the recommendation, Rim, we really liked it). Then we picked up some new camping chairs for our trip this weekend. I personalized mine and Andrew was so jealous that he made me do his too. Aren't they fun? We also picked up some bug spray so we are almost all ready to go.

I came up with the best idea for getting the maximum number of outfits from just a few pieces of clothing. I plan on working on this little project over the next few weeks. It just might be incredibly useful, if not a little OCD.

Oh and Andrew and I made a deal that we are going to work out EVERY day until the middle of June. Every day. So, we went to the gym tonight and I felt better after eating all that pizza.

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Fru Gal Lew said...

Dude...I can't believe it took you this long to eat at Press One. When I say it's good pizza, that means eat there immediately. And mail me some pizza.