Saturday, May 23, 2009

Patience and hard work

First of all, it was a full Saturday. I have to tell you I love a day full of honest hard work. We helped hang some more dry wall tonight and even got to tear up a bit of sub-flooring. Demolition is always fun, I think it is a guy thing though. I've never met a guy who doesn't like to tear things up. I am sad that I missed out on helping my brother Ben with this sort of thing in his new home in St. Louis but I know that it just wasn't possible for me to be up there. ( That just means you'll have to buy a new home to renovate when we move to STL Ben!)

Meghan really worked out her leg muscles at the gym the other day and today she is paying for it. She limps. It is kinda funny...especially if you aren't her (Muhahaha). I love going to the gym...and strangely enough I love that feeling the few days after where you are almost too sore to move.

On June 23 of 2007 Meghan and I were married and it was a very modest wedding. I loved it. Small and straight to the point. After two years of diligence Meghan and I have finally saved up for the trip we've always wanted to go on. For our two year anniversary Meghan and I will be flying to Europe this summer! We haven't exactly nailed down our itinerary but I do think that the bulk of THIS trip (oh yes, we plan on going to Europe as often as possible) will be spent in Ireland. My sister Sophia and my Brother-in-law Kevin are currently living in Ireland due to Kevin having a temporary job relocation. I'm extremely excited at the prospect of meeting up with them and having a fun time hanging out in what I have heard to be a beautiful country. We are scheduled to leave out on June the 17th and be back June the 28th (I think).

Oh yah, and My head is shaved...and I love it.

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