Monday, March 7, 2011

As promised:

Friday night, I spent the evening in front of the TV. There were shows to watch, quilts to snuggle, long work weeks to unwind from, and thanks to my dear Rimmy (currently residing on a Buddhist mountain in S. Korea), a very tasty snack to eat. The Crunky bar may seem like an ordinary Asian chocolate bar, but in reality it is so much more. An inside joke of sorts, the bar originally intended for me was eaten before it ever made its stateside journey. This one came via the Walker/Order care package and I had to exercise great self-restraint to refrain from eating it until this moment. But it was good. A lot like a Crunch bar if anyone's wondering. P.S. How rad are my glasses? 

Can I just brag on Andrew for a minute? Because I am completely proud of him. I signed him up as part of a relay team for the Little Rock Marathon with me and some coworkers and then promptly bailed, leaving him to run it alone. Not only that, he ended up running the longest leg (7.8 miles) with only about 2 weeks to train. I know, I'm terrible. But he did so fantastic, finishing in 1 hour and 5 minutes. And it was in freezing temperatures due to the storm two nights before and the cold front that came with it. So if you get a chance, drop him a line and let him know what a rock star he is.

And then after the marathon (and a celebratory late lunch at Layla's -- our favorite), we made these homemade Oreo's for dessert. And they are amazing. So amazing that someone commented on them today in the break room at work. Yea, we made them. From scratch. We don't eat any of that processed stuff around here.

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