Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tucker for Target:

I'm sure I've declared my love for Target many many times. However, lately, we've sort of broken up with the bullseye. Not that they aren't amazing, because they are, we just have had less than stellar experiences with a few of their products -- namely shoes and clothes. As a result of this decision to see less of each other (more of a one-sided decision), we have been looking to other outfitters to fill this need in our lives with more expensive (!) but higher quality products (hello J.Crew & Piperlime). But one thing I can't seem to say no to is Target's Go International designer collaborations. Going on right now is their celebration of 5 years of Go International. For a limited time, they're bringing back the best-selling dresses from each collection (Tucker, Zac Posen, Proenza Schouler, Rodarte, etc.) and Sunday started the adventure of finding the Tucker Signature dress in my size -- an adventure that encompassed two days and three different stores (with Andrew's help -- best husband award). After all that, I finally just ordered a smaller size online. So until it arrives, I have just been imagining all the different ways I can wear it. I know I'm obsessive and weird, but I'm also a girl. And I love clothes. It's a terrible combination.

I think the dress will look better with a brown leather belt. And I've been after those shoes for a few weeks now. I want them desperately. But they won't be available to ship until April 19th. So I'll wait just a little longer to order them. And then I will wear the mess out of them. This Tucker for Target dress is only $39.99 and is pretty much the exact same dress as this one going for $325 on Piperlime:

That's a savings of $285.01. Pretty impressive, Target.
P.S. I love Tucker.

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