Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend:

Hope you had a great Memorial Day Weekend! Here is what we did to celebrate the break from work and school:

We finally finished the 2000 piece puzzle of the Sistine Chapel that we started weeks ago.

Shout out to my friend Laura who celebrated her 26th birthday on Saturday! There's a very fun package headed your way this week.

We took Tillie to the dog park on Sunday. The weather was awesome. She ate tons of grass, ran around, got horribly muddy, and took a dip in the river. And then she got a bath when we came home.

Today we made some whole wheat dark chocolate chunk cookies from scratch. It's the only way to make cookies. I never made cookies from a package. That stuff's for amateurs.

We took a walk tonight before dinner. It was warm with a slight breeze and made me physically hurt for our bikes that are still on their way. It was perfect bike riding weather.

Tonight Tillie and I did laundry, planned our outfits for the week, and watched "Young Victoria"  (my fave) twice. In a row.

Our lives are so interesting, don't pretend like you're not wishing you were us right now.

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