Monday, May 2, 2011


Sorry for the lack of updates, our world has been a little insane as of late.

I was in NW AR  for work this past week. I hate being away from my little family.
The day I left, the ignition in my car decided to quit working, leaving Andrew stranded. My car was towed to the dealership, fixed, and I just got it back today.
LB was in town to surprise her family and I got to meet up with her for lunch before her flight back this afternoon. Andrew picked me up in his car. And on the way there, we got a flat tire. I'm telling you, this has just not been our week as far as vehicles go.
The power went out this weekend, interrupting our work on a new puzzle and leaving us with nothing to do but lay in bed and eat almonds.
One half of my all-time favorite set of twins was in town this past week for Spring Break with her DE kids. But because of the storms/traveling for work/busy schedules, I only got to see her once and for about 20 minutes. Definitely not enough.
I think Andrew may be getting some kind of nasty sinus infection.
It has been consistently raining for about a week. Streets are flooded, houses are flooded. I have forgotten what the sun looks like, what warm weather feels like. I am underwater.

P.S. The other morning, I was up getting ready for work while Andrew was still sleeping. But he rolled over, opened his eyes, pointed at me and said "that tank top's not technically a tank top usually because of the sugar free thread or whatever." I laughed and asked "sugar free thread?" to which he reiterated "or whatever."
He is hilarious in his sleep. I die.

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