Wednesday, May 25, 2011

An update on our world:

Andrew is kicking butt: he started summer school and signed up to do volunteer disaster relief for the Red Cross in the same week. If only we all had it together like him.

Kristin (1/4 of the Order) is in town and I have been hanging out with her, making up for the lack of time spent together during the last time she was home.

I'm going to Las Vegas in July for work -- pretty excited about it. Andrew may be going with me, depending on what his class schedule looks like. 

We finally ordered our bikes! They said it'll take a few days to get them in and get them assembled, so look for pictures the middle to end of next week.

We finally rented "Somewhere", a movie I have been wanting to see since December. It's good. You should watch it. Especially if you like Sofia Coppola.

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