Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I love:

I have been knitting since I was ten. My mom taught me. And I was really into it. I made blankets for all my Barbie's beds. And then in high school, I tackled scarves. In college, I took on life-size blankets. Nothing fancy, though. In my post-grad life, I started learning more complicated patterns. It was a challenge for me, and I enjoyed it. Lately, I've been itching to start making sweaters. This desire stems partly from my need to indulge my creative side and partly from my disappointment with what most retail stores try to pass off as good, quality sweaters. I figure I'd start small; make some sweaters for babies/toddlers. I wanted to get the basics down before I jumped in over my head. You know, really understand how all the pieces come together to form something that you can actually wear and not have people stare at you like a crazy person.

But then. I saw this sweater and I kind of fell in love with it. It's the perfect hybrid of sweater and sweatshirt. I sort of need it in my life. So, I'm thinking this will be my summer knitting project. If I work on it diligently (and don't mess it up too badly), come fall, I will be able to snuggle up in it when the temperature outside starts to drop. I mean, picture this sweater paired with a red plaid shirt, some busted up old blue jeans, and a navy beanie. It screams fall, right? The perfect leaf-raking, cocoa-drinking, apple-picking uniform.

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