Monday, May 20, 2013

I love:

bowls / platter / carafe

How gorgeous are these housewares? The small bowls would be perfect for sauces and spices. I would love to have these out on my counter while we cook up delicious concotions. A lot of the time, our cooking is very utilitarian. Most of what we use, we have because it serves a specific function. But these are so pretty! They would look lovely sitting on our counter.

And that gold platter! I would love to have it sitting on my desk at work. It would definitely pretty things up. And it would be perfect to corral all the things that seem to float around on my desk: lotion, lip balm, paperclips, etc.

I think that carafe would be perfect for a guest bedroom or kids' room. Whenever I see a cup sitting on a nightstand, it definitely looks out of place. This doesn't scream "this is from the kitchen!" And the cup sits on top of the carafe when not in use, so it keeps the water from getting all gross and stale. When I was a kid, I used to make my mom put a book on top of my water glass when she tucked me in so dust wouldn't get in it. I was kind of weird (still am), but I would have loved having one of these in my room.

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