Tuesday, November 18, 2014

We love:

Okay, so this is definitely more an "I love" but I'm happy to report that I'm rocking a new mascara these days!

For at least two years, I have been on the hunt for the perfect mascara. I don't know if I have deep-set eyes or oily eyelids (doubtful since I have the world's driest skin) but for some weird (and very annoying) reason, my mascara never seems to stay put. I have tried so many different kinds but I always end up with the dreaded raccoon eye. I was using this one for a while and it was great but on a whim, I tried this one and it gave me the same effect for about $17 less. Then suddenly, it just stopped working for me. Raccoon eyes were back and it dried out prematurely. Not happy. So, I went searching again.

This time, I found Blinc! and I love it. It's my first experience with tube mascaras. What's that? Never heard of a tube mascara? It uses polymers that wrap around your lashes and create little "tubes" that do not come off until you're ready for them too. And the best part? Despite it's staying power, this mascara is so easy to take off. All you need is hot water. That's it. No makeup removers. Just wet your lashes and slide the tubes off with your fingers. It looks a little like your eyelashes are falling out (and also a little like tiny spider legs) but it's cool. It's fine. Don't panic. Your eyelashes did not just fall out.

I am officially on the tube mascara train.

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