Wednesday, November 5, 2014

While you were sleeping:

This year, for M's first Halloween, we decided to dress him as Yoda. This decision came after much discussion and brainstorming. I wanted something that I could make but wouldn't be too labor intensive or demanding. I wanted to make his first costume but have fun doing it, too. So, Yoda it is.

I didn't really have a plan for how to go about this. After searching online, I found a knitting pattern for a Yoda hat that turned out to be surprisingly quick and easy. I think I finished it in just two evenings. As for the robe, I found a pattern but after looking it over, decided it was too difficult. Not that I couldn't do it, I just didn't want something that had so many steps. I didn't need it to be an actual garment because he'd only be wearing it for one evening. Finishing didn't really matter to me.

After scrapping my first attempt, here's what I ended up doing:

I laid M down on top of some tracing paper and drew around his body. I made sure to not follow too closely so the robe would be nice and loose. Then I cut out my pattern, pinned it onto some muslin, and cut it out. I went rogue on the sleeves and cut it even wider so the sleeves would be nice and wide -- sort of a bell sleeve thing going on.

After I cut it out, I just stitched up the sides, finished the edges, and added a tiny little hood. I picked up a plain brown long-sleeved shirt and brown pants to go under his robe. Baby costume done.

We went to a friend's Halloween party and M did beautifully. He was up past his bedtime but didn't fuss or cry. He just took it all in (and looked insanely cute while doing it).

I may have already said this but having a baby has really reignited my sewing. I have been having so much fun making little things for him. It's exciting and fulfilling. I am enjoying it immensely. 

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