Monday, November 3, 2014

Photo project:

Every week since M's birth, we have been taking a weekly photo of him. We've committed to this project for the entire first year of his life. And it has been such a fun way to document this special time in his life.

We dress him in a white onesie and a white diaper and lay him down on a different fabric each week. It has been so much fun to plan each of these little photo shoots. I've been picking up yards of bright-colored fabric since before his arrival (see here). I usually haunt the clearance sections of our local fabric stores and a few choice websites, so I'm able to grab multiple fabrics at a bargain.

After we take a few dozen photos, I edit them, photoshop the week onto his onesie, and add them to our growing collection. Now that we're almost halfway through this project (!!), I'm starting to plan what to do with all this fabric when we've finished all 52 weeks. 

The plan all along was to cut each of the fabric up and make a quilt for little M for his first birthday. I think it would be such a sweet little gift -- something that will grow with him his entire life. I can see it on his bed as a toddler and I can see myself packing it away in a box to send with him to college. I can see him cuddling up in it for story time now and wrapping his own children up in it later on. I really want it to be an heirloom piece for him -- something he carries with him as a reminder of how much his mother loves him. I can't wait.

I am thinking about using the rest of the fabric to create a "happy birthday" banner for him, too. I like the idea of having something that we can break out each year to celebrate his special day.

I realize that whatever I do for him, I will have to do for any additional children we may have but I'm having so much fun with this project that I really don't think I'll mind. In fact, I look forward to it. I like having an excuse to buy lots of fabric. Apparently, my mother's fabric hoarding has rubbed off on me.

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