Friday, January 28, 2011

Obsession: Portlandia

Oh man, so I was cruising Apartment Therapy today (which I'm completely in love with, btw), and I came across this post about a new show on IFC called Portlandia. It looks absolutely hilarious.

From AT:

"In our office, we have a phrase we like to toss around... if a product's trying a little too hard to cash in on a trend, we call it a "bird on a stick." Fred Armisen (SNL) and Carrie Brownstein (formerly in Sleater-Kinney) know what we're sayin'. Their new show, Portlandia, mocks a range of hipster stereotypes, from locavores to indie designers to — we can't escape the embarrassing truth — distracted multi-tasking bloggers obsessed with top 10 lists.

The duo's skits all take place in Portland, the city "where young people go to retire." For anyone who remembers the nineties fondly, belongs to an adult hide-and-seek league, or fact-checks the chicken's dossier when they're ordering from a local restaurant, this is a comedy that will hit close to home."

Here are three clips so you can become just as obsessed as I am:

Hilarious, isn't it? I love love love Fred Armisen -- the glasses, the humor. And I love the clip about putting birds on everything. So true. So over. Because didn't you hear? It's the year of the rabbit.

Check out the full AT post here. And watch Portlandia on IFC Fridays @9:30p.

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