Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Days

My new lamp came last night and is now sitting proudly on my desk at work. The sun shines through the glass base making it beautifully teal and bright.

And yes, you did see snow outside! We've had snow on the ground in LR for three days and counting.

It started coming down Sunday night. We got about five inches which is considerable for AR -- enough to shut everything down for two days. So we stayed home Monday and spent the day playing outside, drinking cocoa, and laying in bed eating nachos and watching Avatar. I got to come in to work late on Tuesday and was very thankful for the extra time in the morning. But here I am today, back to normal. There is one thing different though and it is the magic that is still outside my window. We won't get above freezing for a few days so it looks like it's going to stick around -- atleast til Friday!

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