Friday, January 21, 2011


I think I'm one of those people that finds something they like and then becomes addicted to it. Single minded. I started noticing this about myself this December when I became completely obsessed with the Amazon Cyber Monday week-long deals. I watched them all day long, counting down the hours and minutes until the next one was revealed. Because now I have become obsessed with members-only shopping websites. Like Rue La La. New boutiques open every day @ 10a and I absolutely have to check them out. Doesn't matter if I buy anything or even like any of it, I have to check. And with the discovery of The Foundary, I am even more obsessed. The Foundary is like Rue La La, only instead of fashion it's mostly home goods (furniture, kitchen gadgets, decor, etc).

Also, I got a new hair dryer the other day. My old one was from college, had been slightly melted by an incident with my roommate's flat iron, and had lately been getting so hot, I could hardly hold it long enough to get my hair dry. So it had to go. I had been researching hair dryers for months now, determined to find the perfect one and have had my eye on a certain one for a while now. I found it on Amazon for under $20 but I had put off buying it because since it was under $25, it didn't qualify for free supersaver shipping. And I guess I've been spoiled by that free shipping because the idea of actually having to pay to ship it is what has kept me from buying it for this long. But then Wednesday night, while Andrew and I were checking Wal-Mart for fluoride-free toothpaste (per my dermatologist's order), I stumbled across this exact hair dryer. The Revlon RV544, blow dryer of my dreams. It was priced @ $23 which is probably about how much the other would have cost with shipping included, but I justified it to myself by saying this one was right here and I could take it home and use it tonight while if I had ordered it from Amazon, it would have taken another week to get here. So we bought it right up.

Now I know this is a whole lot of talk about a hair dryer and most of you could care less, but for those of you who can't live without a good blow dryer (especially those with long hair -- ahem, LB), I cannot tell you how amazing this one is. It doesn't get extremely hot but it somehow dries my super thick long hair in about 5 minutes. And not that my hair is curly or frizzy or anything, but it makes it so silky and soft. I have not used my flat iron in two days. So if you're in the market for a new hair dryer, I highly recommend this one. And so do 280 other Amazon reviewers. Just saying.

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