Monday, January 31, 2011

Warning: Winter Weather Coming

I am going through withdrawals: sunshine, green things, warm skin, feeling in my toes. I thought this disgusting thing called winter in January was over. It was 70 degrees this weekend (which we took full advantage of). But then the weather man tells me this morning that more winter weather is heading our way. And that tomorrow, and especially Wednesday, the temperature will have a hard time getting above freezing. Great.

I am going to have to work overtime this week imagining my own little world where it is 86 degrees and so sunny it almost hurts to open your eyes. And there will be plenty of black-out sunglasses, floppy straw hats, soft green grass, and popsicles that stain your lips red.

I think owning this swimsuit will make this imaginary world seem more real. At least that's how I justify this purchase. And then I can put it on, lay in bed under a mountain of blankets, and imagine my glamorious self right in the middle of the dog days of summer.

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