Monday, February 14, 2011

Dear Valentine:

Around our house, Valentine's Day isn't a big deal. We actually refuse to celebrate a day that is based completely on consumerism. Forget St. Valentine, February 14th is a day to buy flowers, chocolates, balloons, cards, and presents. Well, we aren't falling for it Hallmark. Take that crap somewhere else. We only acknowledge it as my parents' anniversary. And I think this is a much better thing to celebrate because without the union of these two lovely people, I would not be here today. So thanks, Mom and Dad. I owe you one.

I stopped at the store on the way home from work (Andrew's sick so he needed juice) and was actually extremely grossed out by all the roses and balloons everywhere. And by all the guys who were lurking around them, feeling pressured to buy something for the ladies in their lives. Since when do you need material things to express your feelings?

We didn't do anything special. Because around here, every day is Valentine's Day. So we made some soup and bread for dinner and hung out. I watched a movie while Andrew studied. And I made this for dessert:

So, if you celebrated, I hope your V-Day was great. And if not, well then you're like us -- saving up your energy to celebrate a real holiday, like President's Day (at lease you get off of work for that one).

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Katherine Grant said...

Wah wah. Debbie Downer!

Why not celebrate being in love? We celebrate birthdays and anniversaries, why not love? Sure, we all love each other every day, but life is busy, I like having a day to slow down and appreciate one another.

Speaking of, we should celebrate our love for one another with a Sonic date, stat! :)