Monday, February 7, 2011

Super Bowl weekend

I had a half day Friday because of snow (technically less than a half day because I left @ 9:00a) so I spent the afternoon in warm pajamas, watching musicals, and working on my tshirt quilt. It's taken so long because I can only really work on it on the weekends. But I'm almost done -- pictures coming soon.

Saturday Andrew and I finally took down our Christmas tree (don't judge) and after clearing it all away, we realized we had absolutely nothing to fill the now bare space. So we decided to make a built in desk and after a trip to Lowe's, we were rolling. Just a few cuts, some sanding, and painting was all it took. It was still technically "drying" all day yesterday (it took more than one coat of paint) so we haven't had a chance to install it yet. But maybe when I get home, Andrew will have surprised me by setting it up. I have major plans for this space so stay tuned.

Yesterday we hung out at our friend Schuck's house for some Super Bowl partying and general fun. We played Kinect, ate way too much, enjoyed a good game of football, and watched the new episode of Glee. I love to watch the winning team's victory but for some reason, I always get really sad for the losing team.

Which ads were your favorites? This was one of mine:

P.S. I found some cookies at the grocery store that taste exactly like Girl Scout Samoas. And I am in trouble because I cannot stop eating them.

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