Thursday, February 10, 2011

My high school self in quilt form

We're digging out today. I was supposed to leave this afternoon for a conference in Hot Springs but I couldn't even get up our street so I am staying here. I'm sort of glad -- I can sleep in my own bed and watch 30 Rock with Andrew.

Plus, if I were on my way to Hot Springs today, I wouldn't have had the chance to finish my quilt, finally.

Two sides of t shirt goodness -- concerts, musicals, yearbook, television, mission trips, speech tournaments, trips, lifeguarding, volunteering -- and a few special scraps of fabric (those patches of red and blue polka dots are for you, K & L).

If my high school self were trapped in a quilt, this is what it would look like.

Looks like someone likes it already.


Katherine Grant said...

It looks awesome! This just brought back so many memories. I wish I had saved all of my old shirts and done this.

Ben said...

Nice quilt. Looks comfy and stuff.

Yo, since you are into vinyl right now, check out our current auction:

bach_sophia said...

Handmade quilt = Love, who doesn't want to be wrapped up in that. Hmmm, I think K has a rubbermaid container in the attic with his old t-shirts, and then all my old concert ones. Could be an interesting combo.