Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Snow: My Winter Friend

Working for the government is like being back in school: when the weather gets bad, there's no work. And you find yourself watching the closings scrolling along the bottom of your TV screen, growing more and more anxious as it gets further along in the alphabet that you will see what you have been waiting for. And when you finally confirm what you have been not so secretly hoping for all this time, you run around the house screaming, singing, and celebrating the fact that you can sleep in tomorrow and spend the entire next day doing nothing. And you stay up late that night and probably eat junk food and it sort of feels like Christmas. Snow does that to people. It's magic.

We've had around 6 inches here and it's still coming down. Andrew and I spent our free day hanging out, sleeping in, eating too much, and trying to stay warm. I got a chance to work on my quilt and I am so close to finishing. Tomorrow maybe. Because yes, we're out tomorrow too.

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