Monday, February 28, 2011

I hear the secrets that you keep...

We're back with more of everyone's favorite subject: things Andrew says in his sleep.

  1. "I've got to memorize the samurai's magic"
  2. "You are amazing" -- I like to think this was about me, but in all reality, he was probably dreaming about a video game
  3. "You're my summer club"
  4. "You don't have any specials or anything"
  5. "I know for sure where those would go. It's irritating as hell."
That last one was this morning at about 3:30a. He woke me up with his talking. And then I almost fell out of bed laughing as I wrote it down. I feel lucky to have such hilarious night time entertainment.

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bach_sophia said...

#2 made me laugh out loud. I love these. Thanks for sharing them.