Friday, March 22, 2013

Happy Weekend:

Happy Friday! Could this week feel any longer? Seriously, there was a point when I felt like it was infinite; that the weekend would never get here.

But here it is, so what are your plans? I'm running in a 5k tomorrow morning with my running club's Grand Prix team. And then I'm headed out of town to spend the day with an old college friend who lives out of state. And we're eating at Rolando's -- my favorite restaurant! Sunday is my mom's birthday (Happy Birthday, Mom!) so we'll be celebrating with a family get together.

Our week's highlights:
  1. Got a muscle in my leg pulling on my sciatic nerve -- super annoying and frustrating.
  2. I celebrated the first day of Spring by wearing shorts while running! Finally!
  3. Green Cuisine, our favorite food truck, is back in business!
  4. Registered for 4 new races over the coming months.
  5. A's got some pretty exciting job opportunities. We'll see what happens.
The weather's supposed to be gross this weekend -- rainy and cold. I'm taking a page out of Jackie O's book and hunkering down with my trusty trench and wellies; although I won't look half as glamorous as she does. 

Have a good one. Stay warm and dry!

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