Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Lamp update:

Remember when I talked about shopping for new bedroom lamps here? Can you believe that was September? I am a master procrastinator. Well, no more because I finally got on that:

In the end, I went with glass. I just really liked the idea of not taking up a lot of space, visually, and glass is really versatile. I can move these around from room to room and not have to worry about it looking weird.

When researching ideas (I put way too much thought into this), all of the pictures I was drawn to were really mismatched pairs -- different materials, different sizes, etc. I liked the idea of playing with proportions. So I went with one West Elm Glass Jug lamp and one smaller glass lamp from Target. I looked for vintage/thrifted   first but just couldn't find anything that would work.

So, this is the current lamp situation. I'm still not sold on the smaller lamp shade. I think it needs an upgrade (maybe something taller) so I'm still trying to play around with that. But other than that, I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.

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