Thursday, February 26, 2015

The inside story:

Remember our new filing cabinet in the office (see here)? Well, here's the inside story (pun intended).

With the number of projects I've been working on lately (see here and here), my fabric stash has been growing and I needed somewhere to house it all. Previously it had been sitting in stacks and I was unable to see what I had. I needed a different solution. Enter the new filing cabinet. We use the top two drawers for paperwork so I decided to use the bottom two for fabric and other sewing supplies. In order to see everything all at once, I decided to file my fabric. I took file folders, cut them in half, and draped each fabric over the metal hanging part. Now, when I open the drawer, instead of piles of fabric, I see this:

Nice, huh? It's very pleasing to my eye. I love being able to see it all. I love just opening the drawer and looking at it. Sometimes I sit around and reorganize it: by color, pattern, etc.

The drawer above it is reserved for miscellaneous items: batting, interfacing, pins, scissors, scraps, thread, etc. I love having it all in one place, organized and out of the way.

Finally having a place to store all of my goodies makes me feel like such a grown up. Having it all in such close proximity to tax documents and medical bills probably helps -- makes it feel much more formal and important.

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