Monday, January 21, 2013

Happy Monday:

I'm not usually one to celebrate Mondays. Mondays are typically horrible and leave me feeling like I've barely survived. But not today. Today is one of those rare Mondays that I actually looked forward to. And why is that?
I'd like to thank MLK, Jr. and the state of Arkansas for making today happen. I'd also like to thank my bed for being so ridiculously warm and supportive on a day when I didn't have to leave it in the wee hours of the morning. And Andrew, for not complaining about the day's pajama-intensive wardrobe.

Do you have today off? What are you planning to do with your holiday? I'm hoping to get to spend some time with a good friend this afternoon. There may be a tea party involved. And I've got an evening run with the girls to help me get my lazy, food-loving butt off the couch. There will, of course, be large amounts of food consumed.

Hope your day off is refreshing. Or if you don't have the day off, that it goes by quickly and without incident. Either way, treat yourself today. Chocolate? Long nap? A new sweater? All great ideas.

Happy Birthday, MLK.

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