Wednesday, January 2, 2013


I've been thinking a lot about resolutions lately. I made some resolutions for 2012 and a lot of them, I completed. That was great. But sometimes I found myself thinking about them throughout the year and would panic about getting them done. It's like they were chasing me. Not good. So this year, I've decided to take things nice and easy. Naturally, the things that I didn't accomplish last year will carry over to this year (house, grad school, etc.) but I've added a few more. They're small, easily attainable (for me) things that I would like to accomplish this year:

I've been training for this one since October so it's definitely happening. March 3, 2013.

We'd like to add on to our family this year by adopting another dog. The time has come. And Tillie could really use a friend while we're at work. We might have to get a bigger bed, though.

I'm pretty good about stepping away from technology. I seldom check facebook, I stay a million miles away from twitter, and I'm super weird about my privacy on here. Have you noticed? I don't like sharing much about what actually goes on in our lives. I can talk about crap I like all day but when it comes to real talk, I'd rather not. This year, I plan on disengaging even more. Yes, that means stepping away from this blog more. So prepare your hearts for that.

I love baking. I've been baking pretty much my entire life. I have mastered cookies (with these) but these days, I've been really wanting to kill it in the bread department. I'm getting there. I've got buttermilk biscuits down. And after breads? Pasta. It's a good thing I'm running a lot.

There are a few other things I've got on my list, i.e. taking a trip, reading books, etc. But I know those things will happen, so it's no biggie. I'd die if I couldn't read.

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