Monday, January 14, 2013

The story of my boots:

Okay, so this weekend was dramatic, as far as boots go. My Frye Dorado riding boots came in and they are beautiful. But too big. And not just the size. Everything about it is too large. It is too wide around. It is too tall. My foot steps out of it when I try to walk. It's just not going to work. It's a beautiful boot, but it's wrong for me. I have accepted this, though it was hard to do.

Saturday, while doing some errands, I went to Warren's, a local shoe store, and tried on a few different pairs of Fryes. I wanted to see what they looked like on before I committed to another pair. And I fell in love with the Melissa Button boot. A different look, but so much better suited to me and better proportioned to my body.

So, Melissa came home with me. And I am sending the Dorados back. I'm sure they will be perfect for someone, that someone is just not me. I'm a little sad but mostly, I'm happy. I feel good about my decision. My boots are really beautiful. Plus, they cost almost half of what the first pair cost. So, I'm saving money.

Here's the new cost breakdown:

The boots cost me $328. A lot for boots, I know, but the other pair was almost $500.

So, if I keep them for a year, they will cost $27.33 a month, or .91 cents a day.

If I keep them for 10 years, they will cost $2.73 cents a month, or .09 cents a day.

If I keep them for 20 years, they will cost $1.36 a month, or .04 cents a day.

And I plan on keeping them for that long. Take care of good quality shoes and they'll never let you down.

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