Monday, January 28, 2013

The Perfect Pair:

I've been on a mission for a while now for the perfect pair of skinny jeans. Here are my qualifiers:

  1. Must be dark rinse
  2. No weird back pocket design
  3. No whiskering, holes, or distressing of any kind
  4. Just the right rise -- not too high or low
  5. The legs have to be tight enough that I can easily slip into boots without any excess fabric causing bunching
  6. The legs must not be too tight that it makes my hips look wider than they are (you know what I mean, we've all been there)
  7. The fabric must be a thick, durable cotton -- I hate jeans with a lot of stretch -- they feel so thin and cheap
  8. Inseam must not be too long -- I don't want to have to roll my pant legs up (but I will get them tailored)
  9. So, to sum it all up, they must be completely flattering and well, perfect.
I tried a pair by blanknyc but I wasn't crazy about them. Something about the material just didn't do it for me. Too thin. I tried a few pairs from Gap and I liked the thickness of the denim, but I just couldn't find a fit that I liked. The super skinny jeans looked weird on me and the straight legs had just too much excess fabric happening in the leg area. Not working. I have a pair of J.Crew toothpick jeans in yellow and I like the fit of them so I decided to try a pair in a dark rinse. So, they're on their way. We'll see. 

I'm still on the hunt for that one amazing pair. I spend a lot of time in denim so I don't want to just feel "meh" about it, you know? I want to find one that really blows me away. One that I get excited about putting on in the morning. I know they're out there. We just haven't found each other yet.

Do you have a pair of jeans that you love? If so, I envy you. What brand are they? Any tips to help me with my search?

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