Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Pretzel Dogs:

You know how for New Year's everyone is talking about starting the year out eating right and being all healthy and everything? Well, we went in the opposite direction. I figured we eat really healthy all year so why not have a little fun on this night. Enter Joy the Baker's (who I am obsessed with) pretzel dogs (veggie, of course) and pickle fries. You guys. It was amazing. So amazing that I had it again for lunch the next day. And was secretly bummed out when A ate the remaining leftovers when I tried to eat it for a third day in a row. But I didn't tell him because I didn't want to make him feel bad. Except I just did, I guess. Sorry Andrew. 

It takes a little while to make so you're going to have to commit some time. But it isn't too bad. And they're totally worth it. I would totally make them again. All that salty, pretzely, pickly goodness. And dipped in mustard? Divine.

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