Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday in Ft. Wayne

We have decided that our favorite thing about traveling is getting to eat at restaurants that we don't have. Today we ate lunch at Dogs 'n Suds. It was pretty good food and a really neat place.

Also, we got to play cards with my grandpa (my favorite relative ever) and it was so neat to get to see him telling all the stories from his childhood to Tyler -- the same stories he's been telling since since I was Tyler's age.

My cousin's kid, Rion, is the cutest little girl ever. Tonight I got to meet her for the first time and she had me laughing so hard I was crying. If I could possibly describe her, I would. But I can never do her justice. Maybe I can catch some video of her tomorrow at my grandma's party.

Today's find of the day on is hilarious. Check it out:

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Graham-Deitert said...

You owe .50 cents to the jar on my desk.