Saturday, April 11, 2009

This was supposed to be our washer & dryer's arrival

I woke up @ 9:30 this morning in anticipation of the arrival of our new (to us) washer and dryer. I cleaned out the laundry closet in preparation. I even vaccumed and wiped down the tile. And then I waited. On the couch. All day. For nothing. No washer. No dryer. And this is what I've had to look at all day. Now, I'm not complaining because we aren't paying anything for these incredible pieces of machinery, I'm just saying. Fingers crossed that it happens tomorrow.

I went with my family to have dinner @ Chilis tonight and Andrew was our waiter. It was nice to be able to spend a little time together, even if he was working.

I asked Andrew if there was anything he wanted to say in this post and his response was "Pookookachoo Ooochoochookadoo Urk Urk Bakka Bakka." What a weirdo.

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