Sunday, June 14, 2009

Busy Busy

How incredibly awesome is this jersey we got for Tillie? Now she is officially the coolest dog ever. And how great will she look sporting this on game days, playing with a little toy football?! You know you're jealous.

We've stayed pretty busy today. We woke up in time to catch the brunch buffet at Yia-Yia's and it was pretty good. Then we picked up Tillie's jersey and a cheddar cheese pretzel treat for her at this gourmet dog store called Just Dogs! Then we picked the last of the little things we needed to get for our trip and came home early enough to squeeze a quick nap in. Then it was time to head to the rents' for painting. We finally got to primer. It feels so great to finally be done with drywall. Tomorrow we work on getting the sub floor and flooring down.

The rest of the evening we have spent packing. The packing process has officially begun. I always like to start packing for a big trip a few days early so I can think about it for a while and make sure I have everything I want/need. I hate that feeling that I am forgetting something.

Anyway, we are exhausted. Tillie has already had her bath and is passed out on Andrew's pillow. I think we will be joining her shortly.

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Kat said...

haha, i love Tillie's new outfit! Yes, call me when you get off tomorrow and let's go to sonic!