Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The night we didn't get root beer floats but then did.

Today the document organizer I ordered came! Isn't it cute? And doesn't it look like the one Cameron Diaz has in The Holiday? I don't know if anyone else ever noticed that when they watched it but I sure did and now it makes me happy that I have one almost exactly like it. Not to mention the peace of mind I have from knowing that while traveling all of our documents will be in one place.

Tonight we had leftover Greek food for dinner and then helped finish putting up the ceiling in my parents' new kitchen.

Tonight was also free root beer floats at Sonic but we missed them while we were working so we made our own and they were just as good.

Also, we discovered tonight that Tillie likes to eat raw pasta noodles.

Right now we are loving:
White chocolate mousse
The Sims 3
Carrot cake

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Kat said...

happy late bday andrew! hope it was great!