Sunday, June 28, 2009

Headed home

We are sitting in the Shannon Airport waiting for the plane that will take us to Heathrow. And there we will sit for 10 hours before heading back to the US. We have gotten all souveniers taken care of and feel a mix of emotions about leaving Ireland. We are sad because we love it here and had a great time. But we are glad and anxious at the same time to be coming back home to our family, our friends, our apartment, and Tillie.

We are watching a TV special about Michael Jackson. Interesting fact: everyone is saying that they will remember exactly where they were when they found out he was dead, just like the Kennedy assassination. Where were we? Drinking in a pub called the Castle Inn in Ireland. How many people can say that?

The next few hours are going to be incredibly long for us and I am nervous about the plane ride, as always. Everyone keep us in your thoughts and prayers until we are safely home.


Kat said...

hope you guys are back safe and sound! it looks like you had a wonderful trip and I can't wait to hear more about it! call me tomorrow!!

Lorenzo said...

andrew, you look beat buddy. hope ya'll got back safely