Monday, June 8, 2009

Fresh Market love

Today we went to Fresh Market and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. It is hands down my favorite place for food ever. We got some vegetable chips, spinach feta salad, and huge pretzels but I promise I wanted everything in the entire store. And it's so cute too. If there is one nearby, you should totally go check it out. Or go to their website -- you can order online.

Also, Old Navy is having a sale for Father's Day -- everything for guys is 50% off. Go get your favorite guy some new clothes. I got Andrew a hoodie, a shirt, flip flops, and a new bathing suit for our trip. Go get some soon before it's all picked over.

We didn't go over to my parents' tonight. Andrew came home with a small stomach virus and a low grade fever so we spent the night munching on good food and taking it easy. Hopefully he'll be able to get a lot of rest and make a full recovery by tomorrow so we can finish the week out strong. We've got a lot to do before next week, especially this weekend.

Our trip is 9 days away! I can't believe it's next week already.

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