Tuesday, June 9, 2009

There is still hope.

So, the absolutely beautiful flowers outside our front door have been looking a little rough lately. All the flowers dried and fell off leaving it looking pretty pathetic. And I tried to save it but I though it was a hopeless cause. And then today, we get ready to head over to my parents' and when we step outside, this is what we found. There is one lone flower trying to make it. It made me smile. It was just what I needed today. There is still hope.

I helped my mom clean up and organize the upstairs in their house today while Andrew helped my dad finish mudding and sanding. They are almost ready to paint. It's pretty exciting. While cleaning tonight, I came across some of my very favorite books from when I was a kid and a handful of those books on tape to follow along with when reading a story. You know the ones, they chime each time its time to turn the page. And on the back side there is a place for you to record your own story. Well, these tapes are filled with stories told by our little kid voices complete with arguing and name calling. There is plenty of silliness, fake fart sounds, and burping courtesy of my brother. I feel so lucky to have come across these tapes now, at this point in my life. They are something that I really will cherish forever. They help me to feel not so far away.

Andrew is giving me a little fashion show right now of all the new clothes he has gotten over the past few days. We are doing a trial run of packing to know whether or not we should invest in another large suitcase. And Tillie is running around crazy under my feet. It's a fun night at our house.

P.S. Raisins make me puke.

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