Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The List:

Now that we've been in the new house for a while, we decided it was time to compile a list of all the to-dos that we'd like to see happen in the space. We've broken it up by room to make it easier to follow. So, without further ado, here's what's up next for us on the home improvement front:

  1. Till yard, add top soil, and lay grass seed
  2. Paint front door
  3. Replace door hardware
  4. Rip out old landscaping (especially those horrid holly bushes) and replace with new landscaping (bushes, flowers, etc).
  5. Repave driveway
  6. Replace storm doors
  7. Upgrade outdoor light fixtures
  8. Replace mailbox
  9. Buy rolling garbage can
  10. Trim low hanging tree branches
  11. Add raised garden beds
  12. Reinforce weak spots in fence/replace
  13. Replace old gas grill
  14. Remove metal awning on back of house
  15. Remove ivy from brick in back
  16. Power wash siding and brick
  17. Replace chimney flashing

Living room:
  1. Build wall with wide doorway to create separate entry area
  2. Remove double doors to hallway
  3. Add light fixture to entry
  4. Build built-ins along back wall for books/storage
  5. Add recessed can lighting
  6. Window treatments
  7. Find area rug and artwork
  8. Upgrade furniture (couch + two armchairs?)

  1. Demo existing cabinets 
  2. Remove old appliances
  3. Replace flooring with hardwood
  4. Remove phone/phone line
  5. Demo pantry closet
  6. Remove paneling
  7. Install new cabinets and countertops
  8. Install new appliances
  9. Add subway tile backsplash
  10. Paint trim
  11. Add pendant lighting above bar
  12. Upgrade existing lighting to recessed cans
  13. Chalkboard wall?
  14. Artwork, accessories, etc.
  1. Frame out walls with water line/electrical
  2. Add pocket door
  3. Drywall, paint, and trim
  4. Tile floor
  5. Install washer/dryer
  6. Add floor-to-ceiling storage cabinet beside stacked washer/dryer
  7. Run dryer vent to carport
  8. Hang coat hooks

Dining Room:
  1. Clean brick on fireplace
  2. Paint mantel
  3. Remove ceiling fan and replace with large pendant light
  4. Remove other light fixtures
  5. Paint paneling
  6. Paint trim
  7. Add chair railing
  8. Replace flooring with hardwood
  9. Build built-ins on both sides of fireplace
  10. Add sconces above built-ins
  11. Find art for above fireplace
  12. Build wall with wide doorway to space?
  13. Window treatments
  14. Find rug
  15. Upgrade furniture (farmhouse table + buffet + chairs)

  1. Remove laminate over original hardwood and refinish
  2. Replace/upgrade light fixtures
  3. Remove telephone shelf
  4. Upgrade thermostat
  5. Change linen closet hardware
  6. Add shelving/storage to bottom of coat closet
  7. Paint
  8. Paint insides of closets
  9. Runners?

Hall Bath:
  1. Clean grout
  2. Repair/replace missing tiles
  3. Reglaze bathtub
  4. Upgrade toilet to low-flow
  5. Remove towel rack/tissue holder
  6. Remove soap and toothbrush holders
  7. Add towel hooks
  8. Change cabinet/drawer hardware
  9. Upgrade mirror?
  10. Window treatment
  11. Change sink/tub faucet and showerhead
  12. Extend tile in shower to ceiling
  13. Hang floor-to-ceiling shower curtain
  14. Paint
  15. Add artwork

Office/Guest Room:
  1. Paint trim/quarter round
  2. Install built-in desk
  3. Paint
  4. Change light fixture
  5. Add more shelving/storage in closet
  6. Window treatments
  7. Find rug, artwork, office organization
  8. Furniture (sleeper sofa + desk chairs)

  1. Paint trim/quarter round
  2. Paint
  3. Add wainscoting?
  4. Put crib together
  5. Bring in dresser
  6. Build side table
  7. Change light fixture
  8. Add more shelving/storage to closet
  9. Window treatment
  10. Build book ledges and hang
  11. Get rug, artwork, accessories

Master Bedroom:
  1. Replace ceiling fan (for one without a light fixture)
  2. Add more recessed can lighting
  3. Replace closet doors with french doors
  4. Add closet organizers
  5. Add canned lights to closets
  6. Remove built-in behind door?
  7. Remove cable wiring
  8. Paint trim/quarter round
  9. Paint walls
  10. Window treatments
  11. Find rug
  12. Furniture (side tables + wall lamp over bed + arm chair)

Master Bath:
  1. Change toilet to low-flow
  2. Replace mirror
  3. Upgrade light fixture
  4. Add lighting to shower stall
  5. Replace sink and faucet
  6. Add electrical outlet(s)
  7. Retile floor and walls (subway tile?)
  8. Remove shower door and replace with curtain
  9. Remove towel racks/tissue holder
  10. Remove soap and toothbrush holders
  11. Add towel hooks
  12. Remove upper cabinet (find other storage?)
  13. Remove handrails from shower
  14. Upgrade showerhead
  15. Replace shower faucets
  16. Paint
  17. Enlarge shower by taking space from built-in on other side of wall?
  18. Window treatment

We've got a few things that need to be done throughout the house too, including replacing the windows, changing out the floor vents, replacing doorknobs, and upgrading electrical outlets and wiring.

It's a big list, isn't it? We're making plans to slowly hack away at it though. We've made progress already.

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