Monday, April 21, 2014

Wall art:

Back in the initial planning phase for the nursery (before we had even moved into the new house), I came across this photo and immediately started making plans to create a polka dot wall for myself (well, okay, for Baby M):
I tracked the source to Land of Nod, which I love, but 48 decals (yes, they're actually removable vinyl decals) for $25 seemed a little ridiculous to me and didn't make sense for our budget. I knew I could do it cheaper. I considered making a stencil or a stamp and paint to get the look I wanted but it seemed so permanent and left no room for mistakes.

Then I found this website where you can buy rolls of vinyl super cheap. So I bought a roll of white 24" removable vinyl to the tune of $4. Then I ordered this 3" circle paper punch for $2.92 (I had a $17 Amazon credit). I actually ended up having to order 2 additional yards of the vinyl because one just wasn't enough to get the project done. The total cost for 3 yards of vinyl came to $12.

I spent a evening last week punching out all my circles (I got way more than 48, btw) and last weekend, we spent a few hours putting them up on the wall.

We decided to make a sort of grid pattern. We started with the top row, measuring between dots to ensure they were evenly spaced. Then we worked down the side of the wall using the same method. Once we were happy with the placement, it was just a matter of using those dots on the top and side as a guide to fill in the rest of the wall. 

Andrew took the top half of the wall while I took the bottom. It took a little longer in the beginning because we were still trying to figure out the best method but once we had a system down, it only took about an hour to finish and because they're pretty much vinyl stickers, we can take them off to re-position them or remove them altogether if and when we get sick of them. 

And that's how we made the polka dot wall of my dreams for a whopping total of $14.92. I'm pretty excited to start layering on all the art, shelving, and curtains we have for the walls in here. And our new rug (yep, we finally bought a rug for the nursery!) arrived last week. I can't wait to bring it all together!

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