Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Adventures in appliance shopping:

Two weeks ago, right before we moved into the new house, we posted about this new washer and dryer set that we researched and decided on:

We were ready. We were all set to pull the trigger but we decided to get into the space first and map out the new mudroom with tape on the floor before we ran out and bought them. And I'm sure glad we did because, well, we completely changed our minds.

After looking at how the machines would actually fit into the new space, we decided that having side-by-side units would just take up too much valuable square footage. So, after debating, we decided to go the stacked, front-loading route. I'm not too keen on front-loading machines because I've read a lot about problems with mold and mildew around the rubber seals on the doors. And I've used my mother's and didn't really like feeling like I was standing on my head to get my laundry but when faced with space issues, they really made the most sense. 

Since our mudroom is going to be on the small side and won't be able to accommodate side-by-side units, we thought leaving these machines with the house when we're ready to move on down the road would be the best option for resale. And since these machines will not be our forever washer and dryer, it made the most sense to look for the best deal in order to save money. I didn't really want to shell out a lot for machines we wouldn't be taking with us. 

So, we did some browsing online and then two weekends ago, headed into Lowe's to see what kind of deals they had going on. We saw a pair of white front-loading Samsung machines on clearance for $649 each (down from $999). Lowe's also happened to be running a 10% off appliances promotion. And we had a 10% off coupon that they would honor on top of that. 20% off of an already low clearance price? Sold. So we snatched them up and made them ours.

With our coupon stacking and discounts, we were able to save $123.31 on each machine for a total of 246.62 off the clearance price. Here's the price breakdown:

We ended up paying $1051.38 for the set. They were originally almost $1000 a piece. That's like buying one and getting one free. Pretty nice deal, wouldn't you say?

We had them delivered last week. They are temporarily living in what used to be the pantry in our kitchen until we can do the kitchen remodel and build the new mudroom. It's a weird setup but we're big fans of working with what we've got so for now, it does the job.

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