Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

We have been busy today. It all started with an impromptu cleaning spree followed by getting some groceries.

Andrew washed his car, my car, and my mom's car. Tyler helped. And then we carved pumpkins while we listened to Halloween music. Tillie kept us company in the front yard. Tyler jumped in the piles of leaves out front and I took pictures. Tyler told us that Andrew and I were his best friends. How cute is that?

We caught a little of Batman Returns (my fav Batman movie) and then Andrew, Tillie, and I took Tyler trick-or-treating around the neighborhood. He was dressed as Jengo Fett, a Star Wars bounty hunter. Tillie was dressed as a Dallas Cowboys football player. She didn't get any candy but Tyler got tons. And he had such a good time. It was fun taking him around like that. It was the first year we really got to do that with him.

When we got back, my dad took Tyler over to trick-or-treat over in my sister's neighborhood and Andrew and I finally got to eat dinner. And we passed out candy to some kids. And then we turned our lights out and retreated upstairs. We ran out of candy and I'm glad because I won't be tempted to snack on it.

Happy Halloween everyone. Hope your night was as fun as ours.

Here is the newest SNL short: On the ground. Enjoy.

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