Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My face is killing me

This rain is making me crazy. I have been taking ibuprofen for the past few days but it hasn't been doing anything to alleviate this pressure in my head. So today we picked up some Tylenol sinus congestion and pain. Hopefully it will do more for me. I can't take this weather anymore. We should move to the desert where is NEVER rains.

Andrew and I cooked barbeque chicken breasts, buttery herb rice, and broccoli for dinner tonight but the broccoli tasted like freezer so we threw it out. And we made corn instead. Puke.

I spent a good couple of hours in front of the computer this evening getting my music fix. I am obsessed with music and know a lot but I discovered some really cool new artists tonight. And I'm pretty sure I'm awesome. So if you are needing some new music to listen to, just hit me up.

Andrew and I are dreaming of taking a road trip to the west coast. Maybe stop by the Grand Canyon/Yellowstone/Redwood National Park/World's Largest Ball of Twine. Anyone interested in joining us?

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Hannah Leigh said...

A trip to the West Coast sounds like an awesome trip! I went to San Franscisco in May, but I've always wanted to see the Grand Canyon. If you end up going, please take lots of pictures!

I like your blog, btw. Hope you and Andrew are doing well!