Saturday, October 17, 2009

Yoga makes me feel good

Andrew didn't go to work today and we got to spend the entire day together which is a rarity for us. We ate, hung out, and took Tillie to Petsmart where we saw the biggest dog I've ever seen and tried Halloween costumes on Tillie.
I worked on on the Wii Fit for an hour today and Andrew took this funny picture of me and my nephew doing yoga together.
And I got to Skype with Laura tonight -- for some reason I am becoming incredibly dependent on Skype to keep in contact with my friends. Maybe if they would quit moving far away, it wouldn't have to be that way. Pretty soon I'm going to be able to go days on end without talking face-to-face with a single human being.
Andrew got a new computer game and has been busy playing it all evening.
I love walking around listening to Pandora on my phone while its in my pocket. Its like having a real life soundtrack. So much fun.

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